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Senior Full Stack Developer - PricewaterhouseCoopers

March 2019 - June 2021

Project - The project I am working on at PwC is a risk assessment application for banks and other financial institutions. It helps them configure questions about their risks and have their employees answer those questions on assessments to find where they are vulnerable to fraud, sanctions, and money laundering

Team - The team is entirely remote and made up of 13 developers from around the US. It skews towards more development experience, but we do have some early career devs doing great work.

Stack - This application uses [popular JS server side library], [popular JS client side framework], and [combo graph / document database]. We are currently transitioning to [superset of JS] for both client and server. Our applications are in a monorepo and we use [popular source control site] and [popular CI/CD pipeline] for source control and CI/CD. The application is hosted on [popular platform for everything software related]. [* Note: Someone from PwC threat intelligence deemed this information too sensitive to be published publicly - so I have censored all the relevant technologies.]

My Role - As I am one of the more senior developers on the team, my role is frequently help turn parts other developers create into a whole application. I spend significant time creating useful abstractions to make everyone else's development speedier. I helped create many of the components in our shared component library, and I also spend my time working through some of the harder issues in the application (especially the client-side).

This is a contract position that is currently running through June 2021.

Team Lead / Senior Full Stack Developer - SelectQuote

September 2017 - February 2019

Project - The project at SelectQuote was an internal tool for the sales team to track the status of leads. It required hooking up to many third party APIs and need to present the user with a lot of useful information at the right times.

Team - The team was mostly senior developers with a few juniors sprinkled in when some of the seniors got poached. While I was there, we had between 10-15 developers at any time. We worked 3 days a week in the office and 2 at home.

Stack - This application was written in Node and React. We were replacing a on-site version and moved ours out to AWS. We used a hosted mariaDB on AWS for our database. Bitbucket with bitbucket pipelines was our source control and CI/CD.

My Role - When I started, my role was mainly to build out the application. As our team grew, my role turn into more abstraction creating and tech debt paying down. Eventually I was named to lead the team and be the primary interface between other departments and development. I was also part of our interview team to bring on new developers.

Senior Developer - RFP365

October 2016 - August 2017

Project - At RFP365 I worked on an RFP tracking application. It allowed users to write answers to questions, track the status of the RFP, and reuse answers from previous RFPs. It was in use by many local governments.

Team - When I started, I was only the third developer (the others were an intern and the co-founder). I helped us bring on two more while I was there as well as mentor the intern into a junior developer position.

Stack - When I started, it was a Java and jQuery web application. I worked to transform the client side into React, which was mostly in place when I left. It was hosted on AWS with a mySQL database.

My Role - I was brought in specifically because of my experience with Java/React. The application was starting to show some cracks as a startup MVP, and the co-founder knew that some changes would be needed to scale this out.

Senior Developer - Pathfinder Health Innovations

April 2016 - September 2016

Project - The project for PHI was a behavioral analysis application used by many clinics in the US. It allowed them to track many factors about the behavior of their patients, especially those with Autism.

Team - I was the 4th developer on the team - we were all full stack developers.

Stack - The application was .NET and EXT.js and we hosted it on our own servers.

My Role - I was brought in by the CTO as a contractor to get a release out the door to meet a funding deadline.

Software Engineer II - SolidifyHR

July 2014 - March 2016

Project - The project was a benefits enrollment application that our parent company sold with their benefits administration.

Team - I was the fourth developer brought on to a post acquisition startup.

Stack - The application used Java / Javascript / MySQL. When I arrived, the client side was done in Knockout.js - our team transitioned it to React.

My Role - I was tasked with understanding React and helping to shepherd us to the next iteration of the project.

Software Engineer II - Celeritas Technologies

November 2007 - July 2014

Project - We created and maintained a suite of web applications around oil & gas pipeline regulation. There were two major ones - one was for tracking one-call dig tickets and the other for tracking public awareness (mailings, meetings, etc.).

Team - I was one of 5 developers on the team - we had a range of skills and experience. We were responsible for design, development, QA, and deployment.

Stack - We used Java and jQuery for the application and hosted it on our own Oracle servers. We had some data in an Oracle DB and other data in MongoDB. Near the end of my time there, we were transitioning the client side to AngularJS.

My Role - I was junior when I started here, but after a few years I was put in charge of skunk-works projects (one of which turned into our AngularJS client side switch). I also headed up the QA for many of our releases.