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Building a Product Team

There are many ways to run a development team. Some teams (especially with agency work) just have a constant stream of tickets to do, spending their day getting any many things solved as they can. Other teams work from a roadmap or backlog of features and bugs, creating chunks of work that they…

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Lots of people work in order to have enough money to live. We are lucky in tech - we can often choose a job based on more than just money. Employers have had to find other ways to convince us to choose them: free food, remote work, foosball tables, etc. Sometimes they just try to pay us more than…

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Thoughts on remote work

Remote working is the buzz nowadays, especially in tech - working remote. Many tech workers desire this benefit, but have many questions. Do you lounge around all day in sweatpants? Is it hard to stay on task? How do you build a team culture if everyone is remote? How do you avoid isolating the…

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