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Reflecting and Experimenting

Recently, I was listening to a podcast about living a life filled with things that are important and meaningful to you. The questioner asked the host how to find out the things that are important to them. The host's answer - succinctly given as reflect and experiment - got me thinking about ways to…

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The Wrong Abstraction

Months ago at work, we decided to introduce TypeScript into our project (it is a full stack JavaScript web application). We wanted the protections TypeScript provided us as a medium sized remote team, and wanted to stop whole classes of bugs before they were even written. Since this project was…

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I worked at a company whose motto was "Work Hard, Play Hard". As I was new to development, I thought that this was how it worked - long hours, paid team outings, after hours poker tournaments, etc. Little did I know, these things were driving me straight to burnout. I didn't know it at the time (or…

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